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A few weeks ago, my webcomic, Underknight, officially stopped updating. I made an announcement that I was rebooting the comic starting next year. In light of this, I would like to make something perfectly clear: I didn’t decide to reboot Underknight because I thought it was a failure. I rebooted it because I felt it was successful. 

By “successful,” I don’t mean to say that it was wildly popular. It wasn’t, though it had its fans. Underknight will be considered a success because it had three goals in mind when I started writing it, and it achieved those goals.

It’s first goal was to communicate a story that I wanted to tell and entertain people. Underknight had repeat readers who seemed at least mildly into the story. People understood it and enjoyed it, at least to some modest extent.

The second goal was to improve my drawing skills. I wanted to use Underknight as a tool to teach me how to make a comic. Seeing how my skills massively improved, partially to my dedication to my comic, made me incredibly happy. It was a fantastic learning experience and the reason I encourage anyone with a story idea to make a comic.

The third goal was to see if making comics was something I could personally dedicate time to and enjoy. I wanted to see if I could actually commit to updating a webcomic. As it turns out, I can! Ever since I stopped updating the comic, I’ve been kind of missing making new pages. It’s very satisfying to have a page done a few days ahead of schedule and even MORE exciting to see people’s reactions to the comic when it updates.

Overall, my experience with writing and drawing Underknight was an overwhelmingly positive one, which is why I’m rebooting it. I’ve now proven to myself that I can make a decent webcomic, and now I want to make a fantastic webcomic. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work, so I’m putting all of my knowledge and skill to the test to make something far superior to what Underknight was before.

Good things are coming.


Cassidy Bueter
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States



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